Welcome to North East England Tourist Guides

North East England Tourist Guides (NEETG) is an association of professionally trained Blue Badge tourist guides who have a great passion and in-depth knowledge of North East England as well as excellent general knowledge of the British Isles.

We believe in creating personal high quality tours with knowledgeable local guides which take you on a magnificent journey through one of the most diverse regions in Britain. Some of our most popular options are:

Why North East England?

Quite simply, North East England is one of the best kept secrets in Britain. We have beautiful countryside, breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous sandy beaches, outstanding attractions, fabulous market towns and cultural cities waiting to be explored.

Every part of our region has its own unique character and the easiest and best way to really experience our region is to be accompanied by one of our qualified and passionate tourist guides.

Imagine finding a tourist guide who can introduce you to all the hidden treasures, rather than just the main tourist attractions – a guide who can immerse you in the history and culture of the region and make you feel completely at home.

North East England Tourist Guides aim to do just that!